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Class 1 (Reception, Year 1 and 2)

Teacher - Mrs Millard. TA's - Mrs Lewin and Mrs Goodwin.

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Year B

2ND YEARTerm 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
Topic Homes Amazing Inventors People Who Help Us Movement Forests Adventurous Explorers
History Historical homes/ buildings Da Vinci & The Wright Brothers Florence Nightingale & Mary Seacole History of Transport (cars, buses and trains) Forest sizes – Compare then and now Christopher Columbus & Neil Armstrong
Geography What are our homes like?
Homes around the world
Research where the different inventors came from Jobs people do, where’s our nearest…? (fire station, police, hospital) Maps, roads, stations, travelling on public transport Forests
(compare UK forests and rainforests)
Mapping and Navigation
Science Identifying materials (inc. used to build houses) Sound & Alexander Graham Bell What do humans need? (food, water, exercise, hygiene) Forces (gravity, pushes and pulls) & Isaac Newton Forest animals, inc. lifecycles, forest habitat, food chains Space – sun, moon and stars
Design Technology Materials and construction Technical Drawings
(link to historical inventors)
Cooking and food hygiene Moving Toys (mechanics) Link to school forest activities Build a ‘craft’ to take them on a journey to space or the Caribbean
Computing Media and Communication (Yr 2 unit) Impact of Technology (Yr 2 unit) E-Safety
(Yr 2 Unit)
Programming Probots
(Yr 2 unit 1)
Data (Yr 2 unit) Debugging Algorithms (on-screen and off-screen)
(Yr 2 unit 2)
Physical Education Gymnastics Gymnastics Keep Fit dance Toys Dance Life Cycles Dance Gymnastics
Religious Education Harvest/What does it mean to belong? Christmas & Hanukkah Being special & special places Easter Aspects of Judaism What special things help people worship?

 Year A

1ST YEARTerm 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
Topic Me & My School Lights & London Cold and Ice Brunel’s Bristol Plants and Food Holidays
History  Local and personal history Guy Fawkes/Great Fire of London Everest Expeditions Brunel and Victorian Bristol Farming techniques from the past Seaside holidays in Victorian times
Geography Our school and where we live London (where is parliament) Identifying Cold regions around the world and in UK; identify mountain ranges with snow (inc. Everest); physical features of cold places Bristol now Where does our food come from? (inc. farms, shops and abroad) Continents, oceans, hot regions, compare a European country
Science Our bodies and our senses, growing from a baby Light and shadows Water, ice, winter weather, icy habitats, materials to keep warm Materials and construction, including bridges and tunnels Plants Seasons and Weather, Floating and Sinking
Design Technology Healthy diets Electricals and electronics Textiles   Horticulture Weather monitoring equipment
Computing Impact of Technology(Yr 1 unit) Programming Beebots(Yr 1 unit 1) E-Safety(Yr 1 Unit) Media and Communication (Yr 1 unit) Data (Yr 1 unit) Debugging Beebots(Yr 1 unit 2)
Physical Education Gymnastics Colours and Moods Dance Gymnastics Gymnastics Animals Dance Weather and Seasons or Seaside Dance
Religious Education Harvest/Who made the world? Christmas & Hanukkah Why are some people leaders? Easter Why are some stories special? What can I do for others? Jewish celebrations