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Class 1 (Reception, Year 1 and 2)

Teacher - Mrs Millard. TA - Mrs Lewin.

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Year A

 Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
Topic Me & My School Great Fire of London What a Wonderful World Engineers and Inventors Plants and Food The Seaside
History Personal history The Great Fire of London Isambard Kingdom Brunel Farming techniques in the past Seaside holidays in the past
Geography Our School Our country World continents and oceans, hot and cold climates Bristol Where does our food come from? (inc. farms, shops and abroad) Seasides
Science Animals inc. humans (our bodies, senses, grouping animals) Materials (what are houses made of?) The environment (energy, recycling, water use, climate change) Scientists and Inventors Plants Living things and their habitats (oceans)
Design Technology Making Tudor houses Building bridges and boats Horticultural Skills Fabric Bunting
Computing Impact of Technology (Yr 1 unit) Programming Beebots E-Safety (Yr 1 Unit) Media and Communication (Yr 1 unit) Data (Yr 1 unit) Debugging Beebots
Physical Education Games Skills Swimming Swimming Games Skills Games Skills Games Skills
Religious Education 1.2 Creation: Who made the world? Harvest Who is Jewish and what do they believe? 1.1 God: What do Christians believe God is like? How and why do we celebrate special and scared times? What makes some places sacred? (Muslim, Jewish and Christian)

Year B

 Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Term 5Term 6
Topic Homes and Toys Castles, Kings and Queens Keeping Healthy Movement Forests Adventurous Explorers
History Toys Battle of Hastings, castles, British Monarchs Nurturing nurses (Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole, Edith Cavell) Travel and transport (boats, cars, trains, planes, Wright Brothers) Great Explorers (Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong, Captain Scott)
Geography Our local area Weather     Our country (countries of UK, towns, and cities) Map and atlas skills, compass directions
Science Materials / Seasonal changes Seasonal changes Animals inc. humans (basic needs, healthy eating, exercise, hygiene) Scientists and inventors / Seasonal changes Living things and their habitats (forests) Seasonal changes
Design Technology Moving toys Fabric face of a king or queen Making dips and dippers (food skills) Moving Pictures  
Computing Media and Communication (Yr 2 unit) Impact of Technology (Yr 2) E-Safety (Yr 2 Unit) Programming Probots (Yr 2 unit 1) Data (Yr 2 unit) Debugging Algorithms (on-screen and off-screen) (Yr 2 unit 2)
Physical Education Games Skills Swimming | Dance/Gym Swimming | Dance/Gym Games Skills Games Skills Games Skills
Religious Education Who is a Muslim and what do they believe? 1.3 Incarnation: Why does Christmas matter to Christians? 1.4 Gospel: What is the good new Jesus brings? 1.5 Salvation: Why does Easter matter to Christians? What can we learn from scared books? (Muslim, Jewish and Christian) How should be care for others and the world? (Jewish and Christian)

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