Our new curriculum

The new curriculum is raising expectations of pupils and staff  - OFSTED 2017


Language is the key to learning and forms an integral part of all other curriculum areas.

We aim to teach the children skills which will enable them:-

  • to convey meaning clearly and accurately through speech
  • to listen with concentration and understanding
  • to read fluently and accurately, with understanding and enjoyment
  • to write with interest and imagination in a variety of ways
  • to acquire good habits in handwriting skills and to take a pride in the presentation of their work
  • to acquire a reasonable standard of spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • to learn how to acquire information and knowledge from written material and other sources
  • to be capable of using a computer and printer for word-processing and data-handling

Handwriting, spelling and phonics will be taught throughout your child’s time at our school.

We use Letters & Sounds to teach phonics in Class 1 and we use Collins Big Cats, Oxford Reading Tree & Bug Club reading schemes.

Children’s interest is encouraged through sharing our wide range of books with parents at home and with teachers and other children in school.  A more structured approach to reading is also used in the initial stages of learning.

Reading books are colour coded into broad ability bands and a careful record is kept of each child’s progress.  Each classroom has its own fiction and non-fiction books and all pupils can borrow books on a weekly basis from the KS1 and KS2 library.  The children are encouraged to look at books for pleasure and information and to take great care of them.

Parents are encouraged to play a supportive role in the teaching of reading by fostering an interest in books and by enjoying regular reading sessions with their children at home.