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Our School currently receives a grant of £16,490.00 for sports funding.  Our aims for this investment are:

  • To improve our children’s PE skills.
  • To increase the breadth and quality of PE across the school.
  • To increase sports and healthy living opportunities for our children in lunchtimes and after school.
  • To increase teachers’ subject knowledge and professional development in this area.
  • To invest funds during the grant period to ensure sustainable practice into the future.

We have employed ‘Superstars’ PE coaching for all classes across the school.  Coaches will team teach our children in PE lessons and also run extra curricular basketball and football clubs, we will also be learning new sports in 2017.  The cost of this is £15,000.00.00 per annum.

Qualified ‘Superstars’ coaches work alongside our school staff so that after funding has ceased, our children will continue to benefit.

Any remaining amount will be allocated to sports equipment and future initiatives which work towards achieving our aims, as outlined above, such as playground markings (£1,571.00), netball posts (£244.90), Small School Sports T-Shirts (£131.88) and £1,000.00 contribution to log climber.