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Policy for Disability / Accessibility


As an inclusive school, we actively seek to remove the barriers to learning and participation that can hinder individuals or groups of children, parents/carers, staff and the wider community.


  • To give all children the same opportunities and benefits from the education our school provides.
  • To make all reasonable adjustments so that a child, a member of staff, a parent/carer or a member of public with disabilities is not placed at a disadvantage.
  • To improve the physical environment for disabled children, staff, parent/carers and visitors to our school within the limits of our resources.


  • The Accessibility Plan covers the measures we have already taken and are still taking to improve our school.
  • To use language that does not offend.
  • To make staff and children aware of the importance of the use of non-discriminatory language.
  • To match resources to the individual needs of the children.
  • To make any necessary adjustments to classroom organisation.
  • To deploy support staff, timetabling and staff training.
  • To follow anti-discriminatory procedures when advertising posts, or interviewing applicants, or deciding on making an appointment.
  • To make reasonable adjustments to a person’s employment arrangements, or to the premises, in order to enable a member of staff should she become disabled.
  • To liaise with specialists from outside agencies to support individual pupils.
  • To give information normally provided in writing (e.g. resources, parent/carers newsletters etc) in alternative formats that are clear and user friendly e.g. orally, large print, through ICT, or in other languages.
  • To ensure the governing body is responsible for the school’s duty not to discriminate by reporting at all FGB meetings.
  • To discharge the responsibility of ensuring that we meet our obligations not to discriminate to a named governor and a designated member of staff.
  • To ensure the head teacher makes all members of staff aware of their responsibilities to all children without exception by staff meetings, policy review, school ethos and regular monitoring.
  • All members of staff are fully committed to the policy of not discriminating against children, parent/carers or staff with disabilities.
  • To ask parent/carers to keep us informed about any relevant issues that might have adverse effect on the children either directly or indirectly e.g. parents long term illness/disability or changes in child’s health.
  • To monitor achievements through a range of data to ensure they are making the best progress possible.

Debbie Dix

Head teacher

October 2019