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Reporting to Parents & Carers Policy


To enable parents/carers to participate as co-educators of their children.


  • To communicate learning objectives achieved and to inform future learning.
  • To encourage 3 way partnership: children/teachers/parents and carers.
  • To ensure confidentiality.
  • To recognise and value children’s achievements.
  • To fulfil statutory requirements.


Reporting children's Progression and Development

Each Summer term a written report shall be forwarded to the parent/carer of every child in the school.  Shortly thereafter there will be an opportunity for the parent/carer to discuss this report with the class teacher.

Informal Reporting

The school has an ‘open door’ policy enabling a parent/carer to request a discussion a child’s progress at a mutually convenient time.

If there is a concern about a child’s learning / behaviour or if parents rarely collect their child from school (e.g. if the child travels to school by taxi), the school may implement a daily ‘Home – School Communication Book’ to ensure that good communication exists between teachers and parents.

There is also a standing item on the agenda of the school’s weekly staff meeting when staff members can raise concerns about a child’s behaviour so that measures can be quickly put into place. The school also adopts an informal policy of keeping parents well – informed about their children i.e. if there is a concern, we will telephone parents as soon as we can, so that ‘surprises’ are minimised for parents.

Meetings for Parents/Carers

Parents will be invited to meet with teachers at an early stage should their child be identified as needing extra support in school.

All parents/carers are invited by letter to attend meetings with the class teacher in the Autumn and Spring Terms to share development, progress and targets.

The school will hold a parents’ consultation day in the summer term.  During this day, parents will be invited into school to look at their children’s books, look at displays and creative work and discuss any concerns with their child’s teacher.  Appointments will not need to be made, parents can ‘drop in’ and talk to their child’s teacher at any time in the agreed ‘open’ period.

Debbie Dix

September 2019