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Special Education Needs report

Through our termly tracking systems we have evidence that SEN children make good progress. We have a range of interventions used for SEN children including – Sound Discovery, Toe by Toe, Wordshark, Numbershark, Rapid Reads, Reading Egg, Power of 1, Power of 2, Nessy Fingers, 1:1 Phonics sessions, Springboard Maths, Sumdog, DS Brain Training, Time to Talk, Socially speaking, Language Steps, Self-esteem Group, Comprehension group.

We have strong Gifted & Talented provision with children being withdrawn for extra G&T lessons in KS2. This G&T group have recently won a National Young Engineers competition for designing a glider which will carry a quail’s egg the furthest distance (run by Airbus). This G&T group investigated the principles of flight, biomimicry, the shape of wings, conducted upcurrent experiments & also investigated aerodynamics with an engineer from British Aerospace.

DOWNLOAD: Oldbury School SEN Policy July 2019

DOWNLOAD: Register-of-SEN-Children-DEC2017-no-names.pdf

DOWNLOAD: SEN-Information-Report-2017-18.pdf