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Pupil Premium

Report on Pupil Premium Allocation 2018-2019


Total funding received £7,920.00 (4 pupils)

Pupil Premium expenditures:

Interventions cover ( 2 afternoons per week) approx. £5,000.00

Contributions to swimming / trips: £400.00 (as need arises)

Cost of ELSA Learning Support Assistant to assist with Emotional & Social issues - see below 

Total spend £5,680.00 & cost of ELSA Learning Support Assistant


Each Pupil Premium child has an Action Plan outlining their needs.  After discussions with parents and class teachers, it was apparent that the 4 children mostly needed academic support.  Originally it was proposed that we would have ‘Superstars’ to provide interventions for these children 1 day per week but their Maths and Literacy interventions were found not to be suitable for all 4 children (they had a range of issues and abilities).  Consequently the school made the decision to independently employ Interventions cover with whom class teachers could directly liaise and could specifically dictate which interventions were needed for Maths and Literacy, tailoring the interventions to where each particular child was experiencing difficulties.  This was evaluated by teachers to be worthwhile and having a good impact on progress and children’s well-being (individual and small group support).  The school will carefully monitor the progress and well-being of our Pupil Premium children each term and evaluate which strategies are having a positive impact.

We are currently working with 2 other small primary school to employ a part-time Emotional Literacy TA (ELSA), this will partly be funded by pupil premium money - more details about exact costings will follow. 


(Review of pupil premium spending and progress of pupil premium children is held regularly throughout the academic year by Head teacher, class teachers & Pupil Premium Governor)