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Summer Fair

Non school uniform day on the day of the fair (30th June) in return for cakes or produce for the stalls.


First of all apologies for the short notice in getting details to you regarding the school fair but its taken a while to get a 'team' together to actually arrange it due to everyone having busy work and family lives however we have now come up with some ideas and plans!


We really appreciate the offers that we have had from everyone of help on the actual night and we will be putting together a list of who is managing which stall outside of the school. We would really appreciate it if where there are gaps people can volunteer to help out for an hour.


As always there is a big list of 'asks' with regards to items that we need for the stalls and any donations for some or all of the stalls will be greatly appreciated and of course help towards raising money for the school and our children.


Please could you help out with the following:


* Prizes for the tombola i.e. tins, bottles, smellies, chocolate, sweets


* Prizes for the raffle i.e. vouchers from pubs or restaurants, bottles of alcohol, flower arrangements, vouchers from local attractions etc


* This year we are just doing one hamper and the theme is 'Summer' so please could you make donations of anything that you relate to Summer i.e beach balls, sun hats, sun glasses, sun cream, outdoor games, towels, alcohol, picnic plates etc.


* We are also going to be asking for cake donations for the cake stall and this year we will also be asking for any produce that you have grown, laid or made i.e. plants, eggs, vegetables, jams, honey, chutneys, flowers, fruits etc. So please ask your friends, families and neighbours if they have any unwanted produce and we can have a mini farmers market!


* Finally we will be doing a mini beauty tombola so for this we are asking for any small smellies that you have been given as samples at the chemist or maybe 'borrowed' from the hotel or even been given as a Christmas/Birthday present and they are just lying in the back of the cupboard.


We realise this is a big list and understand that you won't be able to donate something off of each item but just one or two things will really help us out.


Many thanks in advance.


The Friends of Oldbury School