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CHRISTMAS FAIR Sat 2 Dec 12-2pm

With just over a week to go until our Christmas School Fair we are needing further support from you all. So aswell as the Jammer Jars please could you help out with the following:

Please could you send into school an item of the following colour (depending on which class you child/children are in) for our luxury prize hampers! These are such beautiful and popular prizes and maybe one year I just may win one!!





This can be an opportunity for you to empty out your cupboards of all your 'in date' tinned food, bottles or cans of alcohol that just aren't your tipple, boxes of chocolates, sweets or even unwanted gifts that you just don't have a use for but someone else might or if you've been given two of something or you could just pop to the shops and buy an item or two!!! Every item received will be greatly received.


Last request we promise! If you are able to supply a bottle or two of wine for our 'Wine & Water' stall it would be really appreciated.

We realise that we have asked for a lot of things from you all as parents but if you could just supply an item for one, two or all of the stalls that would be amazing.

All the money raised will be going towards the children and also towards purchasing some rubber play bark to go under the climbing frame.

Thank you thank you thank you.