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Term 4

Dear Parents & Carers,

Welcome back to this short but exciting term.

The topics for this term are:

Class 1 – Movement

Class 2 – Inventors/Ancient Sumerians

Class 3 – Africa

The clubs available this term are:

Tae Kwon Do – Mondays 3.15 – 3.45 for classes 2 & 3

Netball – Thursday lunchtimes for everyone
Football - Thursday for class 2 & 3 after school (3.15-4.15pm)
All clubs will start next week


The attendance for our school at the end of term 3 was 94.78%.  The target for attendance set by the Governors for this year is 97%.  As we all know, attending school as much as possible is essential for children to make good progress and achieve their academic potential.  I would like to share with you some statistics, which show how attendance is impacted upon by school absence.

Child’s attendance over one school year:

98% attendance = approximately 4 days absent from school

95% attendance = approximately 10 days absent from school

90% attendance = approximately 4 weeks absent from school

85% attendance = approximately 5 ½ weeks absent from school

80% attendance = approximately 7 ½ weeks absent from school

Child’s attendance over 5 years:

85-90% attendance = similar to having half a year off school.

80% attendance = similar to having a whole year off school.


As you can see from the figures above, absences can have a huge accumulative effect on a child’s attendance and progress at school.  Although 80% attendance doesn’t actually sound so bad, in reality this means that a child is missing one day a week of education, which is inevitably going to impact upon their achievement.  I hope we can continue to work together to ensure that Oldbury children are in school as much as possible.  I understand that absences due to illnesses are unavoidable but please do consider, when you are thinking of booking a family holiday in term time, that the accumulative effect of absences will impact on your child’s education.

School meals

May I remind you that school meals should be paid for on a regular basis (ideally on a weekly basis) so that debts do not build up.  I would like to make you aware of an extract from our school’s  ‘School Meals Provision Policy’ which is printed below:


Oldbury on Severn Primary School is liable for its own school meals’ income and debts and has adopted a strict no debt policy relating to school meals. Money owed affects the school’s overall budget and must be settled promptly.  The school is not obliged to provide a school dinner where payment is not forthcoming or where authorisation for free school meals has not been received. The school will in exceptional circumstances postpone the refusal to provide meals where parents have advised the Head teacher of their financial situation and the Head teacher is satisfied that payment will be forthcoming.

Recently I have received a complaint from a parent about pollution levels around school.  This springs from a concern about drivers leaving their engines running when they park outside the school at drop-off and pick-up times.  There have been complaints that this is unpleasant for parents standing next to cars with their engines running which are emitting noxious fumes.  Please could I ask you, on behalf of other parents, to switch off your engines when waiting outside school, which will not only improve our immediate environment but also help the ‘larger’ environment too.  In addition to this, some parents have also asked me to remind you that there is a 20mph speed limit around the school so could parents remember to drive slowly and carefully around the school area at pick-up and drop-off times as there are lots of toddlers and younger children around at these times.

Finally, thank you for your support and attendance at our pancake races at the end of term 3.  The winners were: Year 6: Ned; Year 5: Eli; Year 4: Rebecca; Year 3: Holly H-P; Year 2: Logan; Year 1 Oscar H-P and Reception: Lottie.  Holly H-P was the overall winner.  Well done to everyone who took part.

May I also thank you for your generosity at our cake sale, we raised £170.00 for Cancer Research.

Just a quick reminder that there is no more swimming at Thornbury Leisure Centre this academic year as we have already had swimming in term 2 and 3, so it will PE at school every Monday and Thursday afternoon for the whole school.