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Gardening Club

Peas, french beans, climbing beans have all germinated and surviving the hail. I however, did not! Gardening club got cut short this lunchtime by freezing cold rain and hail. We did manage to sow a row of carrots and marigolds. I taught the kids that helped that by planting marigolds next to the carrots it will keep the carrot fly away. 

I have sunflower seeds for each child to plant. As the rate of success has been so terrible for this over the last 2/3 years I thought it would be better to pot them up when they get back and for the pots to be monitired in the classrooms. I'll get some decent sized pots (free in various places), we already have the soil. We just need enough space for 2/3 weeks in each classroom. 

After Easter we'll do the usual flowers at the front and also potatoes.

Berkeley Show - they offered us a free stall to raise money for the school Please can you accept. I'll do a tombola and ask for sweets from parents as prizes. I was going to grow flowers etc, which I can still do, but most people already have their flowers sorted by July and I don't want the School or myself to out of pocket. All children will spend money on a sweetie tombola and if we ask parents for contributions and stall holders help then it can be totally free and will pay for the seeds we're using and have extra for next year.