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Lifeskills Centre

Dear Parents/Carers,



We have arranged for Class 3 to visit the Lifeskills Centre in Bristol on Wednesday 6th March, 9.40am-12.00.  We will need to leave school promptly at 8.30am to allow for rush hour traffic and we have to arrive at the Centre on time (or earlier if possible).  For those of you with siblings either in Class 1 or 2 they can come in and wait in the school hall till 8.45am.


Please could your child/children bring in a pack lunch as we will have to have dinner late when we get back to school. 


Lifeskills is a permanent, regional safety education and training centre built as a realistic 'village' on the 4th floor of The CREATE Centre.  It is designed to help children, learn about safety in a fun and practical way, specifically in the home, on the road or during leisure time.


Lifeskills bridges the gap, which often exists between knowledge and behaviour. The Lifeskills approach is both interactive and 'hands-on'.  The village has a road, shop, houses, a garage (used for drug education) garden, electricity substation, dark alleyway (used for personal safety messages), building site, playground (used for First Aid), stream, railway, farm and countryside. Sound effects bring the village to life.  Girls should wear trousers or tracksuit bottoms – not skirts (there are interactive opportunities).


The cost of the visit is £12.00 which includes entry fee and transport.  Please sign and return the permission slip below if you would like your child to attend.  Please make cheque payable to Oldbury School Fund.


Yours sincerely,

Miss Jillett