Christian Values

The school’s Christian values are having a good impact on children’s academic achievement – SIAMS 2017

A Creative Education

We believe that pupils are more engaged and learn better when they enjoy themselves. Creativity and outdoor space create an environment where pupils can question and explore.

Creative Curriculum

We aim to engage every child through a creative curriculm and teach in a creative way, not only using different creative approaches in the clasroom but also using outdoor space for Maths and for inspiration in English lessons. Our outdoor space also provides us with an opportunity to become fully engaged in science.

Creative Projects

Through yearly art project weeks, every pupil has the chance to shine! In past years our “art” weeks have included a theme of friendship or different religions where pupils can learn through the media of art and design. We often end our art weeks with a final show for parents, with tea and cake provided.

Creative Learning

Each Friday, pupils can select an art based activity based on a particular artist or a general theme. Past artists have incuded Vincent Van Gough, Wassily Kandinsky and the architect Zaha Hadid. Our themes range from water to flight and the changing seasons. Creative Learning not only provides pupils with a an opportunity to explore creatively but also to work collaboratively with others in different year groups.

Outdoor Space & the Forest Area

At Oldbury, we are lucky to have a fantastic outside space where pupils can play and work. As well as the obvious benefits of our extensive playground, play equipment and field, our pupils can become immersed in nature and that inspires them in their learning.

Our forest area with wildlife zone and pond is a great area to explore! Pupils in Reception use the forest area as their learning enviornment for Forest Fridays and not only to learn about nature, but also to make mud pies. The forest is also a place for learning, with maths and literacy lessons taking place there.


Baking is a very popular activity at Oldbury. As well as regular opportunities to bake for charity events such as Mcmillan coffee morning, we find baking a great tool for putting learning into practice, reinforcing and developing skills such as planning, calculating and measuring.