Christian Values

The school’s Christian values are having a good impact on children’s academic achievement – SIAMS 2017

Delivering on Potential

Focus on the individual

Perhaps the greatest benefit of being a small school, is our ability to focus on the individual. It’s something that many schools claim, so you may well ask, how do we achieve this?

Class size – we have small classes, with less than 20 in each class on average and a high teacher to pupil ratio (11.4 against a national average of 20.5). We also have an even higher adult to pupil ratio thanks to our excellent TAs, who work in each class.

Differentiation – we have mixed age, and so very mixed ability, classes. Whilst some may see this as a challenge, we find that it creates an opportunity. Because nearly every child has a different need, differentiated lesson planning ensures every child is working at their own level is a given at Oldbury School. And as our teachers differentiate every day, they are very good at it – a virtuous circle for success.

Strong relationships – the size of the school, the family atmosphere and a very low turnover of staff, all mean that our staff know and understand the pupils very well indeed.

These unique attributes means that every child at Oldbury School gets something close to an individually styled eduction as a default, which is a huge help towards achieving their potential.

Exceptional staff

We our proud of our staff and they are proud of their school.

This is most clearly shown by the fantastic retention rates that we have for both teachers and teaching assistants. Our staff are the foundation that the school is built on and the strength of the mutual commitment between the school and the staff gives Oldbury School for the strongest foundations.

Satisfied parents

In a recent survey, 100% of parents who responded said that they would recommend Oldbury School to others. We also received the following comments from our parents:

“You know my feelings of gratitude to you all. Oldbury is the most creative of schools with a super family caring atmosphere, the flexiblity to think outside the box, and the will to let high achievers do exactly that!”

“A small family atmosphere where each child is known individually by all the staff.”

“Great community, wonderful location, small school where they all know each other, much nicer than being lost in a bigger school.”

“One to one teaching.”

“Both my children have been very happy at Oldbury school, the small family environment has enabled them to grow into confident children.”

But perhaps the best measure of satisfaction is the pupils retention rate at Oldbury School. The Thornbury area is blessed with a high proportion of very good schools – we regularly receive pupils from these schools, but almost never lose pupils to them.